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Whether you need to manage cost, infrastructure capacity, and agility of resources
or simply improve latency and performance issues, we offer a wide-range of
hosting & cloud services to best fit your business.

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With a presence on 5 continents, we provides digital, innovative, and secure web hosting & cloud services
adapted to professionals, startups, small, and large companies.
Thousands of customers in many countries already rely on our infrastructure.

Our new Shared Hosting solution is powerful, affordable, and easier than ever.
Professional-grade virtual private servers, with or without your choice of control panel.
The Mango cloud is a scalable compute platform with add-on storage, security, and monitoring capabilities

Why Choose Us?

With a presence on 4 continents, we provide digital, innovative and secure infrastructures, adapted to professionals, startups, small
and large companies and large accounts. Lots of customers in 16 countries already rely on our infrastructures.

Mango Technologies is a global, hyper-scale cloud provider that offers businesses industry-leading performance and value.
Vertical integration enables Mango to operate more cost effectively, delivering the best technology, security, and customer service. We are a
cloud hosting provider with lots of customers around the world.

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